Nilesh K. Tumram Rajesh V. Bardale


The issue of request for post-mortem sperm retrieval [PMSR]
for reproductive purposes has gained momentum in the recent past
in India and other countries. There are various methods for postmortem
retrieval of sperm. Modern medicine has progressed to a
stage where posthumous gamete retrieval with subsequent reproduction
has become a possibility. However, very little has been
discussed regarding guidelines orethical, social, and medical issues
related to such a procedure. The procedure is a boon for families
who might have become saddened by the untimely death of their
son. The procedure can be useful for not only the spouse of married
individuals but also to their parents. Also, such a procedure can be
very helpful to the parents of their unmarried son, who was their
sole support. However, there is no discussion of using such PMSR
techniques in married as well as unmarried individuals if requested
by close relatives. The present paper discusses the issues regarding
PMSR in deceased individuals and the various issues that may


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