Potential Use of Touch DNA in Terrorism Cases: A Report of Four Cases

Noora R. Al Snan, Mohammed A. Ghayyath


The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the few countries that
has significant numbers of terrorist investigations, which has
allowed our scientists to develop expertise in the forensic examination
of post and pre-blast explosive exhibits. This paper
presents a review of forensic investigations into improvised
explosive device (IED) cases in the Kingdom of Bahrain from
A total of four IED investigations were reviewed (i.e Directionally
focused charges (DFC), Directional Focused Fragmentation
Charge (DFFC) and Explosively formed penetrator/
projectiles (EFP). DNA recovery utilized different collection
methods, such as swabbing, tape lifting, wiping and direct
cutting of certain separated parts of the IEDs. Samples were
extracted and purified with magnetic beads chemistry and
quantified. Low copy DNA extracts were subjected to different
concentration steps, and DNA extracts were amplified and
processed for detection to obtain reliable results. Using the results
of the study, we have developed the concept of Forensic
DNA Intelligence, which involves the extraction of human cells
deposited in low copy number in challenging areas within the
evidence which can lead to significant results.
This article will be very useful and informative to assist the
forensic community in terrorism cases applications worldwide.
Continued efforts must be made to re-evaluate standard operating
protocols with empirical studies.


Forensic Science, IED, Intelligence, DNA, Kingdom of Bahrain, Recovery, Terrorism.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26735/16586794.2019.013


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