A Rare Case of Cerebral Hemangioblastoma Mimicking as Anterior Choroid Plexus Cyst

Somnath Das, Rina Das, Senjuti Dasgupta, Chandan K. Jha


A choroid plexus cyst may be present throughout the ventricular
system of the brain. A hemangioblastoma is generally found in
patients with genetic diseases like Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) syndrome
disease, but it can also be found sporadically in the spinal
cord, retina and in rare cases in the cerebrum.
An eighteen-year-old male subject was referred for autopsy
in Kolkata police morgue on 27/02/2017. Two hours before, the
patient had been brought to the hospital for severe headache; but
before any diagnosis could be made, he collapsed and died. On
autopsy, a 4cm fluid filled cyst was found in the anterior portion
of third ventricle and sent for histopathological examination. HPE
findings were consistent with a hemangioblastoma, which made
this case extremely rare.
Sudden death due to increased intracranial tension cases should
be properly examined for any neuroepithelial tumours like a hemangioblastoma.


Forensic Science, Forensic Medicine, Autopsy, Cerebral Hemangioblstoma, Lateral Ventricle.

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