Forensic Examination of Counterfeit Indian Currency based on Unique Obscure High Security Features in New Indian High Denomination Currency Note

Ritika Verma, N. Ramakrishnan N. Ramakrishnan


Rampant cases related to circulation of fake currency notes have been reported worldwide. With the introduction of new banknotes (announced after demonetization) having advanced and exclusive security features, it is the need of the hour, especially for a forensic Scientists, to have an idea about these new features and the various methods to examine these features. Results presented in this paper are based on examination and comparison of original and suspected fake 2000 rupee Indian currency banknote utilizing physical examination methods and techniques such as physical, microscopic, digital image processing, etc. During the examination of original 2000 rupee banknote, it was found that some security features of this banknote are unique & exclusive and could not be forged by counterfeiters. Counterfeiter
could only imitate most of the visual features of banknotes but some specific security features like OVI print, UV-fluorescent print, micro letters, etc. which are placed on all over the substrate of original banknote, could not be mimicked. However, imitation of the visual features, can at times deceives the public in general. The present case study presents a methodology which will be very useful and informative in assisting the forensic community in examination of fake currency banknotes and for future studies.


Science, Security Features, Counterfeit Currency, Physical Examination, Image Processing.

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