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Original Articles

Civilian Deaths During 2003-2015 and Post-Conflict Period in Iraq:Challenges and Achievements of the Medico-Legal Directorate (MLD) in Baghdad
Zaid A. Abbas, Ammirah J. Omar, Salah. M. Salih, Mustafa Munjid
Study on Sex Differences in Fingerprint Ridge Density of Patent Thumbprints by Ink Staining Method in Young Adult Indian Population
Kishan R. Siddapur
Medical Error Disclosure Can Rescue Malpractice Litigation
Heba A. Yassa, Abanoub F. Peter

Case Reports

Pesticide Mixture Poisoning: A Case Report
Atul Bajaj, Cijo John, Sukhminder Kaur, Rohitashva M. Tripathi

Review Articles

Dental Evidence as a Sole Human Identifier in World Disasters: A Literature Review with Emphasis on the 2004 Tsunami Disaster
Suhail H. Al-Amad

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