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Original Articles

Civilian Deaths During 2003-2015 and Post-Conflict Period in Iraq:Challenges and Achievements of the Medico-Legal Directorate (MLD) in Baghdad
Zaid A. Abbas, Ammirah J. Omar, Salah. M. Salih, Mustafa Munjid
Study on Sex Differences in Fingerprint Ridge Density of Patent Thumbprints by Ink Staining Method in Young Adult Indian Population
Kishan R. Siddapur
Medical Error Disclosure Can Rescue Malpractice Litigation
Heba A. Yassa, Abanoub F. Peter
Comparative Influence of Culture and Schooling Environment on Handwriting Features
Monika Saini, Anup K. Kapoor
Determination of Sex from Footprint Dimensions in Contemporary Indian Bengali Population: A Pilot Study
Partha P. Mukhopadhyay, S P. Das, Soumeek Chaudhury
Differentiation of Red and Black Ballpoint Pen Inks Using High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Komal Saini, Rajshree Rathore
Stature Reconstruction from Percutaneous Anthropometry of Long Bones of Upper Extremity of Nigerians in University of Lagos
Michael E. Nandi, Olaleye A. Olabiyi, Nwachukwu M. Ibeabuchi, Emeka A. Okubike,Euphemia C. Iheaza
Genetic Diversity of Five Native Populations (Dusun, Rungus, Sonsogon, Murut and Sungai Tombonuo Paitan) of North Borneo, East Malaysia based on 17 Y-chromosomal Short-Tandem Repeats Polymorphism
Vijay K. Subbiah, Shalini Narayanan, Chee-Wei Yew, Rolando Robert, Mohamad Z. Hoque
Deaths from Motorcycle Accidents: An Autopsy Study from Turkey
Volkan Unal, Esra Ö. Ünal, Fatma Koral, Zafer Cetinkaya, Sermet Koc

Case Reports

Pesticide Mixture Poisoning: A Case Report
Atul Bajaj, Cijo John, Sukhminder Kaur, Rohitashva M. Tripathi
Polygraph Examination: A Technique to Lie Detection a Case Study
Aabad Ayoub, Farwa Rizvi, Saba Akram, Muhammad A. Tahir
Lightning Skin Burns: A Case Report
Tarek Abdelraouf, Mohamed ElHafez, Ekramy Elmorsy
Postmortem Distribution of Cathinone and Cathine in Human Biological Specimens in a Case of Death Associated with Khat Chewing
Ibraheem M. Attafi, Mohammed Y. Albeishy, Magbool E. Oraiby, Ibrahim A. Khardali, Ghassan A. Shaikhain, Mohsen M. Fageeh

Review Articles

Dental Evidence as a Sole Human Identifier in World Disasters: A Literature Review with Emphasis on the 2004 Tsunami Disaster
Suhail H. Al-Amad
Digital Autopsy: Popular Tools for an Unpopular Procedure
Mohammed N. Islam, Jesmine Khan, Kazuya Ikematsu, Pramod G. Bagali,Vinoth K. Raman, Rustakiah B. M. Ali

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