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Original Articles

1. The Ameliorative Effect of Green Tea, Garlic and Vitamin C on Arsenic Toxicity in Male Mice: Biochemical and Histological Forensic Perspectives
Sayed A. M. Amer, Yousif A. A. Al- Zahrani, Mohammad S. AL-Harbi
2. Application of Adobe® Photoshop® CC 2018 for Identifying the Source of HP® Color Laser Printouts
Ahmad S. Salim, Asmaa A. Abdall
3. Fingerprint White Line Counts: An Upcoming Forensic Tool for Sex Determination
Lawan H. Adamu, Abdullahi Y. Asuku, Usman A. Muhd, Tajuddeen L. Sa’id, Sadiya B. Nasir, Magaji G. Taura
4. Detection of the Timing of Human Skin Wounds by Immunohistochemical Analysis of CD14
Azza A. Fouad, Fatma M. M. B. El Dine, Heba M. K. El Dine Menesy, Amany A. Abdelatif , Rasha I. Khedr
5. Determination of Psychoactive Mitragynine Drug in Suspected Kratom Species Collected from Various Geographical Areas in the Philippines: A Pilot Study on Existing Local Plant Based New Psychoactive Substance (NPS)
Atty. Severino P. Uy, Shaila S. Seville, Jasmyne Lora M. Jaranilla, Yvette Kristine S. Desamito, Reynalyn P. Barbacena, Ronald Jefferson A. Narceda
6. Sex Distinction in Digital Dermatoglyphic Patterns of Convicted Prisoners: A Comparative Cohort-Control Study
Maninder Kaur, Mankamal Kaur, Preet Kamal, Jatinder Kaur
7. Supportive Measures in the Treatment of Aluminum Phosphide Poisoning as a Trial to Reduce Mortality at Assiut University Hospital, Egypt
Randa H. Abdel-Hady, Aml A. Mohamed, Marwa Kh. Mohammed

Review Articles

1. Role of Voltammetric Methods in Determination of Metals in Alcoholic Beverages: A Critical Review
Praveen K. Yadav, Rakesh M. Sharma
2. Postmortem Sperm Retrieval and Assisted Reproduction: Issues without Solutions?
Nilesh K. Tumram, Rajesh V. Bardale
3. Biomarkers in Forensic Diagnosis of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)
Saikat Das, Soumeek Chowdhuri, Ritwik Ghosh

Case Report

1. Head Injury due to Cracker Blast
Gerard P. Devnath, Sanjay Sukumar, Shanmugam K
2. Potential Use of Touch DNA in Terrorism Cases: A Report of Four Cases
Noora R. Al Snan, Mohammed A. Ghayyath
3. Potential Use of Touch DNA in Terrorism Cases: A Report of Four Cases
Noora R. Al Snan, Mohammed A. Ghayyath


1. The Language of Forensic Experts: A Commentary on the Sally Clark Case [1999-2002]
Huda M. A. Benyounis

Letter to Editor

1. Post-Mortem Levels of Cathine and Cathinone in Khat-Related Fatalities
John Martin Corkery, Fabrizio Schifano, Amira Guirguis