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The Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences & Forensic Medicine (AJFSFM)  is an open access (CC BY-NC), peer-reviewed, and free of charge journal dedicated to the development and application of forensic science and forensic medical knowledge and research for the purpose of law and justice across the globe. The AJFSFM is an official publication (pISSN 1658-6786) (eISSN 1658-6794) of the Arab Society for Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine (ASFSFM) and is published biannually by Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS), Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Volume 5 Issue (2) December 2023

Original Article

Performance of Different Cotton and Nylon Swabs on DNA Recovery and Storage

Mohammed Alrahma, Hanan Almulla, Suaad Alshehhi, Maryam Almuhairi, Naima Aljanahi, Ayesha Alsabhan, Hussain Alghanim

Tri-Allelic Autosomal STR Patterns Observed in Pakistani Population during Forensic Case Work

Asad Saeed, Sajjad Ahmad, Qazi Laeeq Ahmad, Muhammad Amjad, Mohammad Ashraf Tahir

Comparative Study of Two Semi-automated Forensic DNA Extraction Methods

Fatma Altamimi, Afra Naqib Sanqoor, Naeema Aljanahi, Maryam Almheiri, Hanan Almulla, Sheikha Hassan Sanqoor, Hussein Jaffar AlGhanim

Case Report

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Forensic Cases Study

Muhammad Ihsan Nabil Fadhlurrahman, Citra Manela, Efrida Efrida, Noverika Windasari, Indra Ihsan, Firdawati Firdawati

The Medico-Legal Aspects of Non-Traumatic Subdural Haemorrhage

Hasan A. Abder-Rahman, Imad M. Al-Abdallat, Ibrahim H. Habash, Asma M. Al-Shaeb, Tala Adnan Alzyood