Focus and Scope


The Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences & Forensic Medicine (AJFSFM) is an open access (CC BY-NC), peer-reviewed and free of charge journal dedicated to the development and application of forensic science and forensic medical knowledge and research for the purpose of law and justice across the globe. The AJFSFM is an official publication (ISSN 1658-6786) of the Arab Society for Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine (ASFSFM) and is published biannually by Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS), Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Focus and Scope

The AJFSFM has the fundamental aim of sharing knowledge, research experience, recent achievements, and new technologies in various disciplines of forensic sciences and forensic medicine among the forensic scientists in Arab countries as well as the rest of the world.

The AJFSFM aims to achieve a top position by publishing genuine, outstanding, trustworthy, and original research submitted by ambitious researchers, and circulating to all scientists, pathologists, jurists, medicolegal professionals, and learners in the field of forensic sciences and forensic medicine. 

The topics covered in the AJFSFM include, but not limited to, Forensic Pathology, Odontology, Histochemistry, Toxicology (drugs, alcohol, etc.), Forensic Biology (Serology, Human DNA profiling, Entomology, population Genetics), Forensic chemistry (Inks, Paints, Dyes, Explosives, Fire accelerants), Psychiatry and Hypnotics, Forensic Anthropology and Archeology, Fingerprints and Impressions, Firearms and Tool marks, White collar crimes (counterfeit and forgery; questioned documents), Digital forensics; Cyber-crimes, Criminal justice, Crime Scene Investigation, and studies of value to the public health.

The AJFSFM publishes original contributions in Arabic or English submitted from any part of the world that fall under any of the following manuscript categories:

  • Original Article
  • Review Article
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Book Review
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Case Report
  • Technical Notes