Archiving Policies

  1. The policy of long-term archiving and backup of the published articles (publisher’s long-term data storage)

The Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences & Forensic Medicine provides open-access articles and believes to ensure the published articles are intact. All currently published articles on the website of the Journal can be found under the tab 'current issue‘. For manuscripts that were published in recent issues (less than 5 years), readers can access them on the journal’s website from the ‘archives’ tab.  All articles that were published until today can be found in the repository of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences under the following link and can be accessed freely.


  1. The Policy of self-archiving (for authors)

This policy explains to authors how to self-archive copies of their articles on their personal websites, their respective institutions, or other websites.

All articles published in our peer-reviewed journals are open-accessed and published under the Creative Common License: Attribution-Noncommercial License (CC BY-NC).

Naif University Publishing House (NUPH) permit authors to archive their contributions to our journals and some other publications on non-commercial websites under the following terms and conditions:

  1. The authors are responsible for complying with their funding agency’s requirements regarding the correctness of the information presented in the article, and for ensuring that all requirements of the funding agency regarding self-archiving and the embargo period are met. It is possible to communicate with the editorial board if there are special conditions required by the funding agency related to the published work.
  2. The authors are allowed to archive their Draft Version on their institution’s website under their responsibility for non-commercial purposes.
  3. The authors are allowed to archive their Accepted Version on their institutional and other non-commercial websites along with the reference to the journal’s website.
  4. The authors are allowed to archive their Published Article on their institutional and other non-commercial websites, referring to the journal’s website, giving at the same time the correct citation data, DOI, and URL of the published article.