Nora Abdullah Al-gohany Sultan Almotairi


Security is consider as one of the largest part important aspects in daily computing. The security is important in cloud computing especially for data save in cloud because it have sensitivity and import data as well many user can access to same data. Unfortunately the increase of the cloud user has been accompanied with a increase in malicious action in the cloud and data not be completely trustworthy. Because of that the cloud computing security become big issue in the cloud data. The danger of malicious in the cloud and the crash of cloud services have received a strong interest by researchers. Here, we present a comparative study between state-of-art approaches to overcome these issues. This paper test and compare between the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in term of different input size that result the AES is faster than DES in the encryption time but in decryption the DES faster than AES from 20KB to 100 KB after that the DES rise sharply and AES rise slightly that make ASE faster than DES in the decryption time from 120 KB to 300KB. 



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