Hanan K. Mahmood Nadia F. Salman Dhurgham H. Hasan Khaleefah M. Salih Maryam A. Sadiq Basma T. Mohammad Maryam K. Mohammed Sarwa M. Nahi Sara S. Baqir


DNA amplification is known to be the most expensive step during forensic DNA analysis. This study evaluated the half-reaction amplification protocol (12.5 µL PCR product) using DNA amplification kits from Promega PowerPlex® (PowerPlex® 18D System, PowerPlex ®21System, PowerPlex® Fusion System and PowerPlex® Y23 System), which might aid in reducing sample analysis cost by half and allow the analysis of more samples.
A sensitivity study (15 samples) along with testing of various blood stain samples (n=100) that were submitted to the Medico-Legal Directorate laboratory for DNA testing was accomplished to compare the DNA profiles resulting from half-reaction volume procedure to those with full-reaction volume procedure, using three differed methods along with standard protocol to evaluate the effect of half reaction volume with some variables.
Results demonstrated the use of half-reaction amplification protocol preceded by washing step for all aforementioned DNA amplification kits gave a robust and reliable amplification result that aid to increase the number of samples analyzed and decreased the test cost for each kit without compromising the quality of 3DNA profiles obtained.


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