Original Article

Review Article

Case Report

Sodomy of Adolescent Males Presented to Pediatric Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic: A Case Series

Iman A. Seif, Iman H. Diab, Soha A. L. A. Ibrahim, Heba Abdel-Samie M. Hussein, Sara A. Ghitani

Postmortem Tissue Distribution of Citalopram in a Case of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Magbool E. Oraiby, Mohammed Y. Albeishy, Mohammedalbadr M. Khawaji, Mohammed A. Arishy, Ibraheem M. Attafi

Technical Notes

Forensic Toxicology Laboratory Guidelines: Analytical Method Validation (Version 2.0)

Abdulsallam Bakdash, Jihad Al-Qudsi, Huda M. Hassan, Farouq Alzahrani, Sulaf Assi