Volume 4 Issue (1) June 2022

Original Article

Review Article

Virtopsy Controversies and Knowledge Gaps in the Middle-East and the Role of Virtopsy During the Present COVID-19 Pandemic

Mohammad F. ALQahtani, Mohammad S. Asiri, Saleh K. Alzahrani, Ziyad A. Alshagawi, Raiyan Alshubaiki

Distinction of Fly Artifacts from Bloodstains in Crime Scenes: A Brief Literature Review

Soumeek Chowdhuri, Somasish Ghosal, Saurabh Chattopadhyay, Achintya Biswas, Abhishek Das, Subhankar K. Sarkar

Case Report

Giving Contents From an Unlabelled Plastic Bottle Containing Toxic Substance: A Case Report

Lakshmi Shobhavat, Manoj B Parchake , Shankar S Subramanian , Harish Pathak , Nilesh Keshav Tumram, Avinash Shelke