Mohammed N. E. Fouda Aqeela S. Abuidrees


Using a sharp tool by an individual to cause a severe cut-throat injury is considered an unusual method for suicide. Investigating such suicidal cases is challenging, as no witness is available only the crime scene findings, the autopsy finding and the history of the victim. In this case report, we demonstrate a rare suicidal case received by the directorate of forensic science evidence in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

A 39-year-old male was found with a neck laceration in his house, a small knife was found near his body, autopsy showed a cut-throat injury almost completely encircling the neck. Multiple superficial wounds were found in the proximity and parallel to the large incised wound in the front and back of the neck suggesting that they were hesitation marks. A stab wound was found directly medial to the left nipple. The final report was based on death scene investigation, autopsy findings and forensic laboratory results concluding that the death was suicidal in nature.


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Case Report
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