Azza H. Elelemi Mahrous A. Ibrahim Maryna A. Kornieieva Rasha M. Farghaly Shrouk M. Ali


Identification of an individual is considered one of the fundamental challenges for forensic scientists, especially from dismembered and mutilated body parts. To limit the pool of conceivable suspects in the forensic investigation process, footprints and foot outlines found at the crime scene are used to ease estimation of stature. The current study aimed to estimate individual stature using foot, foot outline and footprint measurements in a Saudi Arabian population.

A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out on two hundred healthy medical students from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia. Stature measurements and eight foot, foot outline and footprint measurements were taken from both sides.

Saudi adult males were significantly taller than Saudi females. All measurement values were significantly higher in adult males than in adult females. Most measurements were considered to be positively correlated with stature in both sexes. Regression equations and multiple regression equations for stature determination from all measurements in both male and females on both sides were created.

This study has demonstrated the reliability and utility of foot, foot outline and footprint measurements in stature estimation in a Saudi Arabian population that comparable standards developed from foot bones.


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