Clinical Profile of Acute Accidental Poisoning Among Children- A Retrospective Study

Tabassum Khatoon, Alok Kumar, Anoop Verma, Motoki Osawa, Archana Verma, Beena Shrivastava


Acute toxicity is a frequent but avoidable cause of morbidity and mortality in children especially in developing countries, including India. Present study assesses their pattern with relation to different age groupings. This retrospective study was conducted among all hospitalised paediatric victims of acute accidental poisoning at the King George Medical University; Lucknow during 2010 -11. Their history, baseline characteristics, clinical course and outcome was studied. Most children were male of less than three years with 4% overall mortality. Kerosene oil was implicated in most cases. Childhood poisoning is commonest during 1-3 years with a male preponderance. Household poisons; especially kerosene oil was responsible for most cases which was consumed accidentally. Parents must be educated and warned to keep these toxic ingredients safely in suitable containers and out of reach of their beloved children.

Keywords: Forensic Science, Paediatric, Acute Poisoning, Kerosene, Outcome. 


Keywords – Forensic science, Paediatric, Poisoning, Kerosene, India

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