Deaths from Motorcycle Accidents: An Autopsy Study from Turkey

Volkan Ünal, Esra Ö. Ünal, Fatma Koral, Zafer Çetinkaya, Sermet Koç


Motorcyclists and pillion passengers in road traffic accidents have an increased risk of morbidity and mortality because of lack of adequate safety systems. The purpose of this study was to analyze the injuries sustained by motorcycle riders and pillion passengers in fatal motorcycle accidents. A total of 56 cases autopsied in the Istanbul Morgue Department of the Council of Forensic Medicine were included in this study. The majority of the cases were young males. Fifty (89.3%) cases were riders and six (10.7%) were pillion passengers. The vast majority (78.6%) of the cases died at the scene or on the same day in hospital. Most of the cases had multiple traumas, and the most common trauma was head trauma (n = 45). The most common injury was intracranial hemorrhage (n = 40). Fifteen (26.8%) cases tested positive for drug and/or alcohol intake. These autopsy findings can be helpful for medicolegal examinations to diagnose possible injuries and also for the automotive industry to improve better protective safety devices for motorcycle riders.  


Forensic Sciences, Forensic Medicine, Motorcycle Accident, Autopsy, Injury

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