Sexual Assault in Ballari, Karnataka, India: A Four Year Retrospective Review

Charan K. Shetty, Gururaj Biradar, Pavanchand Shetty


Sexual assault is both a common and a very serious crime which is investigated by the police with an intensity second only to that of murder. Despite India stiffening its laws on sexual crimes, nothing much has changed on the ground. This retrospective study was conducted on 86 cases of sexual assault received for examination at Vijayanagara Institute of medical sciences (VIMS), Ballari, Karnataka, during the year 2010 - 2013. This study revealed that most vulnerable age group were males aged 11-20 years, where most commonly sexual crimes were performed by the person familiar to the victim (33.72%).  The maximum numbers of victims were medico-legally examined on the second day (46.51%) of the assault. Examinations as recent tear of hymen was noticed in 16.66% female victims, and restrain marks on the victims were present in 25 (29.06%) cases. The study aims to enhance public awareness regarding sexual violence, as support the ground to the law enforcement authorities to implement strategies to prevent such cases in the future.

Keywords: Forensic science; forensic pathology; sexual assault; hymen; anal intercourse.   

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