Michael E. Nandi Olaleye A. Olabiyi Nwachukwu M. Ibeabuchi Emeka A. Okubike Euphemia C. Iheaza


Anthropometric databases are essential in biological profiling. Stature reconstruction could play an integral role in helping forensic anthropologists in establishing the identity of human remains at crime and/or disaster scenes. This study aimed to derive simple and multiple linear regression equations for reconstruction of stature from upper limb segments in a living adult Nigerian population. The sample included 230 adult medical students at the University of Lagos, Nigeria (100 males and 130 females), aged 18 to 36 years. Direct anthropometric methods were employed to measure all variables. Stature, arm and forearm lengths were measured. Results showed a strong positive correlation between long bones and stature (p < 0.01). Both simple and multiple regression equations were derived and showed low standard errors of estimate and high coefficients of determination (R2). This study presents a simple and reliable approach to predict stature, which may help forensic scientists in disaster victim identification and in medico-legal jurisprudence. 


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