Ukoha Ukoha Ekezie Jervas Ukoha C. Clarice Mbagwu S. Ikechukwu Ogidi C. Blessing


In this study, the associations between sedentary and nonsedentary
lifestyles with certain anthropometric and cardiovascular
parameters were investigated.
The study populations consisted of four hundred (n = 400)
randomly selected sedentary and non-sedentary adult male
subjects in the age group of 25 – 55 years, from the Nnewi
community, who satisfied the inclusion criteria. They were
grouped in three (3) groups consisting of Group A (25 – 35
years), Group B (36 – 45 years), and Group C (46 – 55 years).
Out of which 207 were sedentary and 193 were non-sedentary
subjects. Anthropometric parameters such as: weight (kg),
height (cm), waist circumference (cm), hip circumference
(cm), and mid arm circumference (cm), and cardiovascular
parameters [systolic and diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)]
were measured.
Results showed a statistically significant increase in anthropometric
and cardiovascular parameters in sedentary
subjects compared to non-sedentary subjects. There was,
however, a significant positive correlation of waist circumference
(coefficient = 0.161) than hip circumference (coefficient
= 0.158). Among sedentary subjects, only waist-to-hip ratio
(WHR) had a significant positive correlation with diastolic
blood pressure (coefficient = 0.181, p < 0.01).
This study provides clear evidence that there is a linear relationship
between physical activities and health status among
individuals wich can help in forensic identification.


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