Samah Al Agha


Due to globalization and advanced technology, negative environmental
consequences result from industrial and commercial operations
worldwide. Tackling environmental illegalities is a major global concern
that requires ongoing evaluation and revision at all levels and in
different parts of the world. During the last century, there has been
increased attention given to the problem of environmental crimes.
Sanctions against environmental crimes must be more effective, stronger,
realistic and imminent. In the battle against environmental crimes,
several obstacles have distracted the implementation of criminal law.
This paper addresses the valuable role of criminal law in providing
effectiveness of environmental protection laws, since compliance with
environmental laws is not usually voluntary. In specific, this paper examines
some obstacles in an international context. The study is based
on theoretically driven research methods. It examines primary and
secondary resources on the topic such as assigned laws, precedents,
academic books, journal articles and reliable websites. Finally, it concludes
with some recommendations that could contribute to minimizing
(if not preventing) environmental crimes.


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