Khudbudin Mulani Vijay Chandegaokar Hemantini Deshpande


The main objective of this study was to determine the inorganic
elemental components and thermal behavior of rubber samples
collected from crime scenes and to compare them with a control
Thermal decomposition study revealed that decomposition
temperature of rubber samples by TGA collected from crime scene
exhibit 1 and 2 were consistent with decomposition temperature of
control rubber sample exhibit 3.
The DSC analysis showed that the decomposition temperature
of the rubber samples exhibits 1 and 2 were 378.3 and 377.1 0C,
respectively, consistent with that of the control sample exhibit 3
(378.8 0C). The micro-XRF analysis showed that elemental composition
of rubber samples exhibits 1 and exhibit 2 matched with that
of control sample exhibit 3.
Thermal analysis was shown to be an important tool for
characterizing the thermal behavior of rubber samples. Rubber
samples collected from the scene of the crime with the
rubber sample from the suspect’s vehicle can prove very
valuable objective evidence.


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