Saba Rashid Anu Singla


Like fingerprints, lip prints are considered distinctive to an individual.
A lip print found at the crime scene can help reveal the
identity of the persons involved. The present study focuses on the
differentiation of lip prints according to sex and studies the distribution
of lip print patterns in various communities of the Bundelkhand
region of Uttar Pradesh, India.
A total of 400 samples of lip prints were collected from males
and females of age group 18-24 years, belonging to Brahmins and
Yadavs from the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh.
The most prevalent was Type I lip print in Brahmin males and
Type II in Brahmin females, whereas Type III pattern was the most
common in Yadav males and females. When Lip patterns were statistically
evaluated based on the sex differences in Brahmins, Type
II and I patterns may help in sex determination. Whereas, when the
data is compared between males and females of Yadavs, Type III
lip print had high predominance in comparison to other patterns but
may not help in sex determination.


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