Mohammed Nour A. Sabra


The significant and rapid technological development in the field of medical care, and Implanted Medical Device, clearly lead to improve the quality of care and effectiveness of treatment for numerous diseases that were previously difficult to be controlled. Technological growth has accompanied by a marked fear of academics and researchers during the past ten years from cyber threats that may lead to breaking the goal of creating these devices. Cyberspace risks and threats would expose many patients who use these devices to health complications and then endanger their lives. The risks and the vulnerability of these devices raised the curiosity to search and audit concerns that were purely theoretical and not associated with practical experience. The rapidity of change in the structure of the implanted medical device works as a barrier and reducing the possibility of their exposure to cyber threats. However, create comprehensive policy parallel with raising the awareness of the health care providers are the proactive steps to stop such threats and will be barriers from the cyber threats, therefore,  no complete and comprehensive protection from cyberspace threats without ignoring that the Cyber threats will remain in places.


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