Hyunji Moon Euihyun Jin Hyeon Kwon Sangeun Lee Kim Gibum


When a drone accident has occurred, it is difficult to decide whether it is due to a crime, malfunction, mistake, or external force. Although the cause of the accident is elucidated through analysis of artifacts or flight data, there are many limitations. In this study, we present a method for detecting an abnormal flight using the motor current values and controller direction values of a drone. The experimental result revealed that, in the case of a normal flight, the current values of four motors were similar in hovering state and the current value of rear motors were increased when the drone was flying forwards. In the case of an abnormal flight, when the drone moved rightwards due to external force in hovering state, the current values of the two motors on the right side were increased greatly. After a period of time following the movement to the right side, the current values of all the motors converged to 0. In the future, motor current values and controller direction values may be used to determine whether an abnormal flight in a drone accident has occurred because of external force by wind, birds, persons, or the like.


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