Dmitry Mikhaylov Andrei Kutin Joseph Anderson Maxim Falaleev


This study, conducted by employees of Match Systems in November-December 2022, presents a subjective
opinion on the potential involvement of certain addresses and transactions in suspicious activity. This research
was initiated in response to reports from Match Systems' clients, that identified a new pattern of network attacks
distinct from the well-known "Dust Attacks." The study relies solely on publicly available data and does not incorporate
any additional information. The assessment and conclusions drawn are based on observed patterns of
suspicious activity and have not been corroborated by court decisions or law enforcement agencies. The findings
of this study do reveal the existence of a new threat, that has had detrimental effects on numerous users who
have experienced frustration and financial losses. The study also offers recommendations for users to safeguard
themselves and their funds. It is important to note that because of the subjective nature of this study, it should
be taken into consideration alongside other sources of information. Careful analysis is necessary before implementing
any actions based on its findings. Furthermore, given the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats,
individuals and organizations must remain vigilant and stay informed about the latest threats and best practices
for protecting their assets


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