Salem Alelyani Harish Kumar


 The beginning of Twenty first century saw a new dimension of security, the cybersecurity. Developed countries have started exploiting the vulnerabilities of cybersecurity to gain supremacy and influence over the rival countries. Hence, over the past decade, malware, i.e., malicious software, has become a major security threat in regards to the cybersecurity. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has become a major target of cyber conflicts due to increased economic activity, digital transformation, high rate of technology adoption between citizen and organizations and rise of the oil and gas industry. However, unfortunately, there is a lack of research or scientific investigation of cyberattacks on KSA. This fact motivated us in conducting this work. This paper presents, a case study of attacks on Saudi Organization by malwares. We concentrate on two particular malwares: Shamoon and Ransomware. The timeline of attacks by these malware, also presented, along with their structures and methodologies in order to shield ourselves against similar attacks in the future.


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