Nabih T Abdelmajeed


It becomes quite clear that the modern communication technologies have been used in different aspects of life. The fast Spread of this technology is because of the ease of use it, especially after the huge turnout on multiple social networking sites nowadays. The widespread use of modern communication techniques among male and female students has been observed, and unfortunately, the number of breaches against this category is increasing. This is because of many reasons, such as, they have been not adequately trained and there is a lack of students’ concern of the seriousness of information security. Although some students have a good experience to use these techniques, they are caught up in hackers' nets. In this study, the researcher conducted a comparison between many categories of families, trained and untrained students and parents, in order to know the role of parents in protecting their children from electronic breakthroughs. The study found that there is a very important role for parents in protecting their children from the electronic threats, even in cases where the sons have a sufficient educational level in dealing with these new technologies.


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