Secure Mobile Computing Authentication Utilizing Hash, Cryptography and Steganography Combination

Muneera Alotaibi, Daniah Al-hendi, Budoor Alroithy, Manal AlGhamdi, Adnan Gutub


In this paper, we propose a modification for security authentication systems in mobile devices. Our enhancement is designed to secure information transformation over the internet by combining hash, cryptography and steganography mechanisms. We used the combination for authentication, to secure mobile computing to transfer data in a trusted manner. The proposed work will use hash function to store the secret password to provide increased security. The hashed password is encrypted using AES encryption then hidden inside an image to be called back for authentication whenever needed. The security services provided by this combination mechanisms can assure authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity. Results and comparisons to different options of available mobile computing methods proved that our proposed technique is a promising research direction for real mobile security.

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