Pattern of Fatal Injuries due to Road Traffic Accidents in Khartoum, Sudan: A Retrospective Study

Rawan K. A. Salih


This retrospective study was carried out to find out the pattern of fatal injuries due to RTAs as well as the sociodemographic profile of the victims. This helps in reconstruction of RTAs and suggestion of steps for prevention.
All the victims of road traffic accidents subjected to medico-legal autopsy at the mortuary of Bashayir teaching hospital in Khartoum, Sudan during the three month period from 1st January 2017 to the 31st of March 2017 were included
in the study. Out of 256 autopsies conducted during the study period, deaths due to RTA were 109 (42.6%). Males died due to RTA more than females with a ratio of 2:1. The highest number of deaths was 36 (33%), recorded in the age group 20-29 years, and the lowest number was 6 (5.5%) in the age group 60 years and above. From the majority of RTA victims, 50 (45.9%) died due to head injury followed by 29 who died from multiple injuries/fractures 29 (26.6%). Hemorrhagic shock was the cause of death in 22 (20.2%) cases. Septicemia and complications were the cause in 5 (4.6%) and 2 (1.8%) cases, respectively. Spinal injuries took the life of one victim (0.9%).
This study shows that there was a high percentage of RTA deaths among males of a young age. Abrasions were
the most common type of external injuries. The skull was the most common bone to be fractured in the accidents. And
head injury was the most common cause of death.


Forensic Sciences, Road Traffic Accidents, Socio- Demographic Profile, Pattern of Fatal Injuries, Autopsy

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