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A Unique Allele Variant at STR Locus D2S1338 in a Paternity Testing Case

Sajjad Ahmad, Sadaqat ALi, Nasir Siddique, Qazi Laeeque Ahmad, Muhammad Amjad, Mohammad Ashraf Tahir

The Use of DNA Profiling in Identifying Murderers and Sexual Abusers: A Case Report

Saleem U. Shahid, Nasir Siddique, Qazi L. Ahmad, Muhammad Amjad, Mohammad A. Tahir

Toxicological Findings in a Possible Drug-drug Interaction Death: A Case Report

Mohammed Y. Albeishy, Magbool E. Oraiby, Ahmad M. Alamir, Ibrahim A. Khardali, Farid M. Abualsail, Ibraheem Mohammed Attafi

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Ibraheem Mohammed Attafi, Mohammed Y. Albeishy, Magbool E. Oraiby, Ibrahim A. Khardali, Ghassan A. Shaikhain, Mohsen M. Fageeh