Ibraheem Mohammed Attafi http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5801-8500 Mohammed Y. Albeishy Magbool E. Oraiby Ibrahim A. Khardali Ghassan A. Shaikhain Mohsen M. Fageeh


This letter is a response to Letter to the Editor (Corkery J, Schifano F, Guirguis A. Commentary on: Attafi IM, Albeishy MY, Oraiby ME, Khardali IA, Shaikhain GA, Fageeh MM. Postmortem Distribution of Cathinone and Cathine in Human Biological Specimens in a Case of Death Associated with Khat Chewing. Arab J Forensic Sci Forensic Med. 2018 Jun 7;1(7). Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences & Forensic Medicine. 2019 Dec 31;1(10):1473-1475).


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Letter to the Editor
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