Sweta Singh Nilimamayee Samal


Nanotechnology has emerged as a phoenix in the field of forensic science and proved to be of great importance in solving criminal cases where other techniques failed to provide conclusive results. This field of science possess humongous potential in the field of forensic science and assist in crime detection. It holds huge amount of value in making a positive contribution in assisting forensic experts and scientists in nabbing the criminals and most importantly prevent any wrongful conviction.
In the past decade, many researchers have reported the satisfactory application of Nano technique in Forensic Science for the analysis of latent fingerprints, drugs in alleged drug-facilitated crimes, warfare agent detection, DNA analysis, counter terrorism, GSR detection, post-blast residue analysis, security measures, etc. It has been proved to be a robust approach for the detection of crime with greater selectivity, sensitivity, reliability and results are produced in a timely appropriate manner.
The constant development of nanotechnology and its application in the field of Forensic Science over the past decade has been highlighted in this review article.


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