Determination of Sex from Footprint Dimensions in Contemporary Indian Bengali Population: A Pilot Study

Partha P. Mukhopadhyay, Shankar P. Das, Soumeek Chowdhuri


Footprint dimensions are vital evidences obtained from scenes of crime. Forensic scientists use this information to help identify the offender. Footprints have also been used to build the biological profile of an unknown individual for identification. The measurements are specific for race and sex. The objectives of the present study are to examine the sexual dimorphism of footprint dimensions in adults of an Indian Bengali sample and determine the sex from those measurements. The study was done on 100 adult volunteers of ethnic Bengali origin of West Bengal. Footprints were taken on glossy paper with blue stamp pad ink, and then measurements were taken to the nearest mm. Discriminant function analysis was conducted using several linear measurements, and discriminant function was obtained. Sex determination was successful in 82.0% of the samples. This study provides useful baseline morphometric data of footprints of the Indian Bengali population, which will aid in forensic investigations.


Forensic Sciences, Forensic Anthropology, Sexual Dimporphism, Footprint, Indian Bengali, Discriminant Function Analysis

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