Michael E Nandi Olaleye A Olabiyi Emeka A Okubike Euphemia C Iheaza


The relevance of stature prediction from body segments to a
forensic scientist cannot be overemphasized. But the presence of
bilateral asymmetry between these limbs still poses a lot of challenges
in ascertaining accurate values from estimates. A regression
equation derived from the right side and applied to the left side may
cause more harm than good in medico-legal investigations. The aim
of this study is to predict stature from limb lengths and to investigate
the effect of bilateral asymmetry on stature reconstruction.
A total of 230 healthy Nigerians (100 males and 130 females)
aged between 18 to 36 years were recruited for the measurement.
Stature, left and right limb lengths were measured in centimeters
in tandem with the standard anthropometric procedure. Statistical
analysis was done using SPSS version 20 Chicago Inc.
Results of this study showed sexual dimorphism and bilateral
asymmetry between left and right limb lengths in both sexes at a
significance level of p < 0.01.
The present outcome may be found useful by Forensic anthropologist
and anatomist in narrowing down human individuality using
the regression models. Therefore, there is need for right appropriation
of an equation to the correct side of the body otherwise it
may lead to erroneous results.


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