Emeka A Okubike Michael E Nandi Euphemia C Iheaza, Obun C. Obun


This study aimed to derive predictive equations for stature estimation
using shoe print dimensions of adult Nigerian medical students
in the University of Lagos.
A sample of 230 volunteers (100 males and 130 females) of Nigerian
parentage, aged 18 – 36 years comprised this cross-sectional
study. Stature and 460 bi-lateral shoe prints were obtained from
the participants using a stadiometer and ink pads. Data analysis was
performed using SPSS version 20.
Sexual dimorphism in stature and shoe print dimensions were
found to be highly significant (p < 0.05), with the males having
greater values than the females. Paired t test revealed statistically
significant bi-lateral differences in shoe print dimensions for the females
and the pooled sample (p < 0.05). The right shoe print length
(RSPL) exhibited the highest correlation with stature in the males,
females and the pooled sample, with values of 0.483, 0.607 and
0.772, respectively. The shoe print breadths in the males, females
and the pooled sample were significantly correlated with stature,
except the left shoe print breadth (LSPB) in the females (r = 0.148).
This study has demonstrated that shoe print dimensions are significantly
correlated with stature, with the shoe print length showing
more reliability in stature prediction than the shoe print breadth.


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