Komal Saini Navneet Kaur


The present study analyzed the English handwriting of subjects
from Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir to investigate
whether the examination of style characteristics helps determine
the nationality/ethnicity of the writer or the place where the
writer learned writing.
The subjects had completed secondary education in their respective
regional languages along with English as a second language.
Characteristic features such as letter formations, punctuation
marks, spacing between letters, and margins were observed.
The data were analysed using the chi- square test to determine significant
class characteristics in the English handwritings.
Significant class characteristics were identified; these occurrences
were attributable to the influence of habitually writing in
their native language, because the impact of regional language on
the subjects’ English handwriting was observed in a few samples.
Forensic document examiners will be able to determine class
characteristic in the English handwritings of people from different
states using the established procedure and possibly also determine
the nationality or ethnic origin of writers.


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