Enhancing PC Data Security via Combining RSA Cryptography and Video Based Steganography

Nouf A. Al-Juaid, Adnan A. Gutub, Esam A. Khan


This paper proposed an enhanced system for securing sensitive text-data on personal computer benefitting from the combination of both techniques: cryptography and steganography. The system security is generated by involving RSA cryptography followed by video based steganography as two sequential layers to insure best possible security gaining the advantages from both. The study modeled the system and implemented it to be tested to explore the relation between security, capacity and data dependency. The experimentations covered testing securing data within 15 different size videos showing interesting results. The research gave enhancement to capacity vs. security, as enforced unavoidable tradeoff. The work uniqueness is presented in showing different measures allowing the user and application to be the decision maker to choose. The tests provided all possibilities of accepting security of 1-LSB, 2-LSB, and 3-LSB methods detailing their effects on the cover video. The main outcome proved applicability to be adopting 3-LSB approach to give acceptable security with practical capacity preferred making 3-LSB winning among 1-LSB and 2-LSB techniques.

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